Seamless Medical Care through Main Street Physicians

I am a huge proponent of “simpler is better.” When companies or organizations provide solutions without adding complexity to my life, I become a repeat customer. Today, the customer experience is more critical than ever as Covid-19 forces companies to rethink processes.

I recently had an issue with my foot that required evaluation by a medical professional, and Main Street Physician’s office in downtown Columbia is my provider. Throughout two weeks, I had three interactions with the Main Street office and one interaction with and off-site imaging company.

The office, during the period of my treatment, literally did everything right. I never waited for more than five minutes from my arrival until being seen. The front office staff are super friendly and take care of any insurance or billing. The providers listened carefully to how and when the problem started. The medicine prescribed showed up in my mailbox the next day without any interaction from me.

In addition to seamless care, I had the convenient option to review my results through an online portal, which also provides a super-easy way to pay for services. Main Street Physicians is one doctor’s office that understands patient-centered care.

Joe B. Nester

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