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Concierge Medicine

We believe in concierge medicine because the average physician in a primary care practice will see 35-60 patients per day, spending an average of 3-7 minutes with each patient.  We know that this practice of medicine is stressful to the provider but more stressful to the patient.  Unfortunately, the traditional insurance plans (including Medicare) do not reimburse enough to afford anything different.

Recognize that healthcare should not just be a reaction to an illness but a priority for our people to take a pro-active approach to staying as healthy as possible, Main Street physicians turned to incorporate concierge medicine into its practice. Concierge medicine affords our practitioners the opportunity to keep a lower daily patient load, spend more time in review and research of the patients’ needs and be available when the patient has the need to see the physician.


Platinum $200/month

Concierge provided by M.D.

Gold $100/month

Concierge provided by M.D.

Silver $55/month

Concierge provided by Nurse Practitioners in
collaboration with M.D.

Rest easy knowing, along with all these benefits, you are joining a network of 120+ providers across South Carolina to ensure you’re taken care of no matter where you might be located.

Concierge Medicine Benefits Include

Appointments within 24-Hours

Priority, Same-Day Appointments

(Platinum Level)

Priority, Same-Day Appointments

(Platinum Level)

Extended Hours By NPs

(Nights & Weekends, 7am-7pm, Monday-Sunday)

Secure Messaging Via Patient Portal



(Regularly $15/visit. NO FEES with Concierge!)

Real-Time Availability of Medical Information Via Patient Portal

24/7 Center for Telehealth Support

Nework of Providers Available for Home & Hospital Visits

Support When Referred to Specialists

20% Off at RevIVe Wellness Studio

(Visit ReviveWellnessStudio.com for list of services)

Prescription Delivery with SC Home Rx


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